Corpo Minore E.P.
by Easy Changes

Corpo Minore
by Easy Changes
Corpo Minore (Akiko Kiyama Remix)
by Easy Changes
Young Chorales
by Easy Changes
Prismatic Output
by Easy Changes

Is minimalism back or is better to say minimal never died?

Not sure about definitions in general, but here is a lightly example of what minimal techno and house generate when they are sapiently mashed up together.

Easy Changes, from Moscow, Russia, are in our consideration, one of the best interpreter at the moment of this style, that seems like going trough trends and is more and more influenced by other genres.

In this release we have the feeling of funk and soul and a lot of musical elements are noticed in each of the 3 original tracks, and more into the Akiko Kiyama remix, that found in these sonority the perfect playground to build up her delicate structures, made by organic sounds and click drum kits.

Someone says Easy Changes representing the art of conception and the future of modern techno music, and we just agree with it.

Mellow and deep Corpo Minore reflects perfectly and represent the sound we are into and we are glad to discover everyday that there are more and more elements as Easy Changes, that spread this idea of sophisticate and brain stimulating sound.
We consider this music and the life style connect with, as a new and revolutionary art movement, growing all around the globe, that has in itself a reflexion on the behavior of some people interested into it and a social impact that we are wondering were it will goes and what will gives born to.

Stay tuned.

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Artwork: Alessandro Baldoni