Ex Terrestre
by Agazzi

Fried Dwarf (Sonja Moonear Smoked Remix)
by Agazzi
Swinging Dancer
by Agazzi, Daniele Papini
Singing Dancer
by Agazzi, Daniele Papini

Since the release of his impressive debut album, "Rush Of The Moment", on our X -Series, Agazzi continues to deliver innovative music and to develop his sound in new directions.
The album received a warm reception from the music scene and confirmed Aggazi as an artist who always pushes his concept and vision to the next level. In accordance, Agazzi is now experimenting with several exciting and fresh collaborations.

It was from one of these collaborations that “Ex Terrestre" was born; a project that brings us 2 expansive mixes with Daniele Papini that re-interpret modern techno-swing.
Whipping claps on techno grooves and deep kick drums that are enriched from rarefied harmonic plots that float on the sub frequencies – this is the spectacular result of the first fusion of Daniele Papini and Agazzi’s sounds.

To give the boost to this EP we asked to our extremely talented Sonja Moonear to rework a still unreleased Agazzi tracks.
"Fried Dwarf Sonja Moonear Smoked Remix" is delicate, sophisticated and rocking all at once. The track is a joyful adventure, with the thousands of details in the groove, the arrangements, and the overall sonic design. All the elements combine, layer upon layer, to create a complex but still simple and complete aural picture. Altogether, this is evidence that Sonja Moonear is one of the most passionate, individual and accomplished DJs around right now.

Artwork: Stefano Fanni
Mastering: Riccardo Ferri