Alexis Cabrera

Alexis Cabrera started to experience with digital music since very young in a self-taught way, researching new applications, with an important musical background from his 6 years of conservatory studies. This defined his personality as a musician and actually mixes tech, house, and techno sounds with groovy basses making a homogeneous, dynamic powerful set. His performance is exclusively in Live format.

Highlighting the warmest side of the music, Alexis combines organics sounds with memorable melodies. His performance resumes a multitude of different sounds and doing original vocal sequences in live!

In 2007 he published his first EP “Hidrobios” at the renowned argentine label Unlock Recordings. This EP conjugates deep sounds and very well defined bases. Since then, he has made uncountable works for labels as Jagoo, Minibus, Kumquat, Klectik Record, Bospherus Underground, Vekton Music, Attary, Monique Music and SK Supreme.

Nowadays Alexis produces himself at most hype clubs in Buenos Aires such as Mandarine, Bahrein, Pacha, Cocoliche, to name but a few. He was also an important act at the 2009 Festival South American Music Conference (SAMC).

Alexis Cabrera without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of new producers of Argentina and his discography shows collaborations with credible top artists of the world such as Someone Else, Kate Simko, Franco Cinelli, Guti, Violett, Ariel Rodz, Juan Zolbaran and Ronan Portela, among others.