Head of Gilesku Records, co-manager of Colours club nights at K4, member of Jesus Loved You collective, close Recon Warriors associate and a household name on Europe’s leading underground imprints. Aneuria’s made a name blending colorful organic house (jackin’, deep, tech-house) with techno patterns, often decorated with sounds of nature and everyday life. His output is dance production, frequently flirting with jazz and ethno elements, thus also working perfectly as a home-listening soundtrack. As an artist he’s closely bound to names such as Ian F, Tomy DeClerque, KayKay and Dejan Milicevic, established artists and co-workers of leading EDM producers and leading pop musicians.

Aneuria is still quite a fresh name on the scene, though he’s made immense progress in the last couple of years. His earlier deejay performances were all about house but he soon realized that his interests grow deeper in experimental, underground, not only electronic sound. One of the first artists who noticed his talent and great passion for music was his countryman and one of Slovenia’s original techno pioneers DJ Veztax. Without prejudice he backed him up and invited him to join the Interparty crew. Years after his musical baby steps, tens of thousands kilometers of traveling, countless days of soul-searching and many nights spent in studios from Belgrade to Barcelona, Aneuria has developed that little something that makes him special as a deejay and a producer and keeps him on radars of label bosses not only in Europe but far beyond.

But, let’s pace down a bit and get to know this intriguing artist step by step. In the early 00’s Aneuria and his then performing and producing partner Mexx founded a Muzika-Eclectica, a unique platform that was designed to spread their sound trough the clubland. Their combos reflected minimalistic approach to groovy techno and were crowned with the success of Los Tres Puentes, a great summer record that touched the souls and feet of revelers all over the world. Responses from deejays around the globe were excellent and gave Aneuria motivation for further work. In that time he also touched base with Serbian colleague Dejan Milicevic who taught him a thing or two about music production and still acts as one of the key figure in his career as a mentor and co-founder of Recon Warriors crew together with Marko Nastic.

Parting with Mexx as a regular combo few years ago, Aneuria focused on defining his own production and performance style. He builds his sets mostly on repetitive loops, percussions and groove, thus creating tension on the dance floor, driving crowd into frenzy that always ends withsome kind of surprise. That allows him to play with audience’s feelings and to build his own story, which is the essence of him as a recording and performing artist.

After hooking up with creative soul mates Ian F and Tomy Declerque it didn’t take long ‘till he got in touch with Valentino Kanzyani. In the early 2008 he joined the Jesus Loved You collective as independent artist, frequently collaborating with Ian and Tomy. Their most successful joint ventures were two EPs Tommy Joy and Charije, on which they’ve introduced Balkan Gipsy ethno heritage to the EDM clubs even before this became a worldwide hype. Also at this period Aneuria’s own track Buenoliter was included on Simplicity vol. 1 compilation and he recorded series of remixes for artists such as Umek, Marko Nastić, Angel Anx, Antoine Caesar, Danilo Tomic and Glorio Veztacci.

The last couple of years were crucial for Aneuria’s artist output. He’s successfully redefined his sound, based on fusing house roots, world music, sounds of everyday life and nature with techno patterns, taking it towards warmer, organic spheres. He’s spent couple of months in Barcelona, did some long studio sessions with colleagues such as Ian F, Kaykay, Valentino, Tomy DeClerqueand and Belgrade’s finest Dejan Milicevic who is supporting him from the Los Tres Puentes as a label manager of Recon Light and Traffica: he’s signed After Bonito and couple of Aneuria’s remixes and they’ve released their collaborations on labels such as Darkside and Monique Music and are developing various new joint projects.

In 2010 Aneuria’s finally settled down in the little town on the outskirts of Slovenian Alps, where he works on his own artist material and acts as a studio engineer and producer for other fresh as well as established artists. He’s involved in two very interesting projects with his colleague KayKay. They are exploring Balkan music heritage and mashing it up with EDM trough the FOA (Fusion of Art) project, while they’re blending downtempo jazz with vanguard electronica under the moniker NMS (No Music Suggestions).

Aneuria is also functioning as a local underground music scene developer. He’s put together his own label Gilesku Records, which will serve as a launch pad for Dejan Milicevic’s artist album, released in exclusive edition of 300 vinyl copies, as well as his own material, a collection of experimental deep techno material, which he’s labeling as music trips. With Ian F, he’s co- managing trendy club residency Colours, hosted in Ljubljana’s legendary club K4, on which they present fresh underground artists from all over the Europe as well as domestic talents. In the new season the series will be upgraded by Colours Music label, accompanied with their own alternative, non-business oriented music distribution model, which sole aim is to spread their music philosophy even further trough the global clubland.