Antony D

Antony D. Antonio Dragone in real life. Is a young Italian boy who has taken his first steps in music at the age of 17 by selecting immediately dub and deep house music. Having had from the beginning a great passion for Chill Out, his music selection is very accurate for its delicate sound. Lately Antony overlooks the style Microhouse where he remained impressed by artists such as Zip, Cristi Cons, Rhadoo, Raresh and other artists from Romania, in fact the basis of his sources of inspiration, there are other artists who tread this kind. His DJ sets and his productions are purely microhouse based on instrumental and natural sounds which seeks to create the warmth and harmony among the people. Antonio also uses another name for his music selection Dub Techno, or AT1EA still little known but with great prospects for the future, a project developed and refined in the background.