Biteofire comes from a two guys background which has been plenty of gigs from the middle 90s up to the beginning of the new millennium. It is an idea of two friends who spent their young age between the ‘Disco House” and the “French Touch.
Both Italian born and bread, djs Elio Mozzillo and Salvatore D’Agostino met on a production project bind to discover new sounds and mix them up to create new fusions with symphony, techno, electro funk, Afro, Jazz, Latin and Electronic contaminations.
They both prefer to produce instead of doing live performances which makes their rare gigs a unique and timeless experience.
Elio and Salvatore have been working previously as FlushDuo, a duo project which came up with two techno funk releases the first on Recycle Records and the second on Cupido Records in the year 2008.
Recently signed to Apparel Music U.K. BITEOFIRE is the upcoming team to look at. They have been performing in London as FLUSHDUO in the 2007 and it was a success but they were pushing a different style of music which was innovative and stylish as well as underground. Two tracks to check for you: Motor (Cupido Records) and Bass Reflex (Recycle Records) and obviously the new release from Biteofire – The Night Zone (Apparel Music).
They have been playing in the most important clubs in Naples (Italy) so far.
Today as always, looking back, thinking forward!