Davide Cimmarrusti aka B:SBAL was born on 3 April 1986 in Andria, in a family of musicians. He begins cultivating his passion for music from his’ earliest childhood, when his mother make him listen to all kinds of music. He started studying music when he was five, becoming very fond of piano ( although when he was fifteen he moved his attention also on drums, who gave up shortly after for logistical and public peace problems!)
Since he was 17 he was attending the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory of Bari, at the same time, he becomes part of Apulian night life: he works with local clubs for pubblic relations.
Davide comes into contact with a lot of Djs and being fascinated by this world, he starts using makeshift equipements measuring himself against strained mix.
He spents his time going into and improving himself.
After high school he decides to live and breathes music which leads him in March 2007 to enter upon the way of live dj set with excellent results both in terms of sound and in terms of audience, who likes more and more the music thanks to the artist charism.
He improves his technique and quality. He knows and fall in love with that kind of music that mixs minimal techno, electronic and latin rhythms and tones. So he decides to produce and play it.
During his live we can appreciate different influences that characterized his music and give a touch of style to each his set. His first release on FONTEK RECORDS VA001 has the support of artists such as Marco Carola, Leon,Uglh,Dragosh and many others.