C.AL.MA. is an acronym consisting of three different names, but it is above all the mood that represents the way of life and way that this “family”, made of Carlo, Alessandro and Marco, has in applying themselves into music: “Calma” may indeed be translated from Italian into “calm, peacefulness”. The interest into electronic music which this Macerata-based trio have gained started to kick in very early in time side by side with Alessandro’s passion for classical music and violin playing for fifteen years as of now, and with Marco’s subsequent activity as a guitarist. The project was born in a spontaneous way in 2004, when our three guys met each other after they have started DJing individually. Their attention towards niche electronic music and the strong will to promote it, along with an unrestrained passion for vinyls led them to spin their records into a number of private parties and events organized by staffs within the Macerata-area. In year 2005, they started to offer their performances in Bologna, the city where they live at present. Their tendencies into music sweep out and from funky house sounds to the deepest techno ones, allowing them to suitably perform into long happy-hour parties as well as into club nights. The turning point in their career occurred in 2007 when they join Shape Associated, which granted them the opportunity to improve in music make their way in the clubs within the local area, and soon getting as much highly-esteemed as to become resident DJs in the well-known Playhouse Goes To Kindergarten nights (Bologna).