Danylo Aprile

Danylo Aprile is an Italian dj and producer.The passion for piano and trip Hop music are basic ingredients of his passion for the electronic music.He starts djing when he was thirteen playing in some local clubs. Electronic musical contaminations bring him to know various musical genres as Classic House, soulful,jacking and after Techno music, proposing so his eclectic dj set into the best clubs in Milan. After all, he decided to create something by his music taste, and so he started to produce music having important collaborations with big international djs and working with some of the most prestigious internationals labels.
After years of friendship, Danylo Aprile and Mario Roberti decide to give a name to their studio works…Fideles! This one is not only a name, but many more. It’s a way of working,to understand music in their own way,trying to give more quality and look better to their musical inspirations. Their music is purely deep and tech house…with special funky sounds.