Having spent her childhood in a private girls’ school in a British countryside, as an eastern European girl she strived to conquer Brighton to discover all its musical enticements. So escaping at weekend nights and exploring the party scene in the UK’s gay capital was the tingling contrast to her school days, and fueled her desire to bloom within her interests.

Looking for part time work as a student and being mad into collecting vinyl records, Dasha started working in a record shop after school – a small local record store. As financial means were scarce Dasha was happy to accept her pay in the form of records, as this is what she had spent her money on anyway and expanded her musical collection.

After school came University, and she began to study Sound and Film in London Metropolitan. It was an important mile stone, as she acquired a closer relationship to the technical side of music: Exploring sound much deeper and learning to manipulate it, create it and apply it, she was expanding her understanding of music and its purpose.

In the meantime, at night, her on goings led to her first gig at warehouse parties in London. Little by little the gigs came rolling in and she was seen to play in Berlin (Watergate), Ibiza (Underground), Barcelona (Sonar festival), Valencia (Electrosplach festival), Romania (Sunwaves festival), Kiev (Gogolfest).
Loving to spend hours in record shops all around Europe, Dasha gathered a selective range of music. Always listening to current and old, filtering with her taste and refining her ear.
As well as spinning vinyl, she is also a visual artist, having finished Sound&Film course at university, currently working on various film and video projects and as a photographer for Petre Inspirescu´s avant-garde music label Yojik ConCon.

Recently moving back to Moscow, whith its blooming culture and nightlife, Dasha became a regular at ARMA17, the most important spot for Moscow clubbers performing alongside international artists. In 2011 she began to tour professionally around Europe and the east, at Festivals like Kazantip, where her debut with Ricardo Villalobos impressed the fans and recent gig in Robert Johnson, Offenbach was a new step of professional performance for her.