Dejan Milicevic

Dejan Milicevic was born in July 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the time of ex-Yugoslavia. His early musical influences came from his older brother Alexander who was repeatedly playing fresh tunes of the bands such as Ministry, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and many other alternative new wave electronic sounds.

Dejan fell in love with techno-music back in the early 1993, while attending some of the first parties ever made in Belgrade as a young clubber. He was deeply fascinated by the magic tunes played by the DJs at the time, as well as with the feedback they were getting from the enthusiastic Belgrade crowd.
That’s when he started seriously wondering what is it like to be on the stage.

By the beggining of 1995, as a 16 year old boy, he started performing in a small Belgrade cult-club called Omen together with the wellknown DJ Boza Podunavac, whom he regards as his musical guru. January 1996 was the first time he entered a joint project with his present partner and a life-long friend DJ Marko Nastic.
That was the moment when Teenage Techno Punks (TTP) were created. TTP was a back2back performance of hard funky techno tunes with massive bass lines, and great mixing skills coming from two very young Belgrade boys.

By the year 1998, TTP won Radio B92’s Radio Rhythm Of The Heart award as the best techno-duo in the country, and that’s when the real TTP mania began. What followed was a period of various gigs all arond the region, proving once again that the music is a universal language uniting all the young people of ex-Yugoslavian countries. In spite of the horrible political situation that clouded the area, and, soon enough, with bombs dropping off the Belgrade sky, TTP still managed to get an amazing feedback from their public.

In 1999, DJ Magazine wrote that “with their smashing beats and amazing skills, two young DJs, named Dejan and Marko, are creating a grand explosion in the club Industria, located in the Belgrade’s epicentre, just before the 10 PM sirens announced the time for the crowd to take a shelter from the real explosions threatening the city.’’ These unfortunate days lasted long enough to leave an everlasting inspiration, and tensive energy in their music. Meanwhile, Dejan performed his sets on a great number of different events in different countries, and by the end of 1999, as a result of his highly succesful performances in the country and abroad, together with Marko, he reached the number of astonishing 250 bookings in just one year.

At the same time (1996-2000), they kept their unforgettable residency in the capital’s number 1 club Industria, where they hosted almost all the well known DJ names as their guest-stars. Dejan’s music style represents a variation of techno, house and minimal that is carefully combined and mixed on two/three turntables and a sampler. Presently he is involved in a number of different projects such as TTP with Marko Nastic, Teska Masinerija (Heavy Machinery), with Nastic and Marko Milosavljevic, and, of course, his solo work. At the most listened to radio station in Belgrade and country-wide, B92, Milicevic, Nastic and Milosavljevic host a very popular radio show entitled Music for the Body and Soul.

In August 2005, Dejan joined a project with BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) to launch a performance with Dusan Skovran String Orchestra. Due to the highly enthusiastic response from the audience and the media, this techno vs classical music fusion was succesfully reprised in a couple of public performances.
Starting with 2005, Dejan has made and produced techno, hardgroove, minimal and house music for various labels, resulting with more than 30 releases, and continually surprising his audience with new and interesting stuff coming from his musical kitchen.
In 2007, Dejan’s efforts made him a member of the Kne’Deep agency family, which pushed him further more into playing big gigs, and gained him an even bigger international audience. Up to the date, he’s been playing his gigs and music as a resident in a lot of famous European clubs and festivals.