Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr. Nojoke is a producer and performer – his live sets continually bring new and unique sounds to the table, a combination of field-recordings, self-made sounds, and highly conceptual production that redefine the way we understand electronic music.
A Berlin native and leader in directional minimal techno (or “clikno” as he describes it), Dr. Nojoke is a master of rethinking ordinary musicality and procuring new uses for the everyday.
His childhood was imprinted by the squeaking sound of mono-kitchen-radio music. His youth was spent in headphone-trips with electronic and progressive music.
The music lessons in school were a disaster, but the first guitar came as inevitable as Punk!
While doing wild experiments at home with guitar, Casio, echo-machine and tape-recorder he played electric guitar in diverse bands Punk, Beat, Surfrock, Alternative Rock, Power-Pop, Breakbeat, Dub, Polka …
With the band-project elektroblitz mitte he realized seven film- and seven theatre-soundtracks plus some trailers between 1999 and 2005.
Slowly he oriented himself towards electronic music/production and began to work with software in 2002 exploring new ways of expression – first with Propellerhead Reason and lateron with Ableton live – and so finding and developing his Clikno-style.
Since 2005 he carried out solo-performances under his Dr.Nojoke moniker in galleries, clubs and festivals notably at ARMA 17 (moscow) Freerotation Festival (Wales), Festival Paysages Electroniques (Lille), Live Performers Meeting (Rome), Netaudio Festival Berlin and London, Universo Parallelo (Brasil), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Boom Festival (Portugal), Save Festival (Moscow), Sol-Fest (Spain), X-Bass Festival (Napels), Piknic Electronik (Montreal) …
releasing on a multitude of labels including Pheek’s imprint Archipel, Kalimari, Pluie/Noir, Autist, Resopal, Minim.all, Music Kollektiv, Coal, Cavern, Concrete, Leporelo, Anorakism, Eintakt, Mischievous … and his own imprint UNOIKI.
He did remixes for acts like Rosenstolz, Dinamoe, Pheek and D.Diggler as well as for the English Electro-poetress Caro Snatch, Autist Records boss M_Ferri or Sven Laux, Andrew Duke, Humeka, Andrés Marcos and many more.
In 2010 he collaborated with the Danish dancer Christiane Borch in her performance ‘what my neck remembers, my head will forget’.