Dromme, a Mexican-based project from artist Luis Sherman, is an amalgam of funky tech-house, to say the least. Acting both as a DJ and producer Dromme’s focus is on bringing the party.
A mainstay in the Mexican electronic community, his influences are from the far-reaching and vibrant home support as well as his excitement and energy about life and culture taken from the streets of Guadalajara. Not without constant work, his side projects include Penny Pistos and Ocelli. Dromme’s sound is unique and transcends any trend or particular genre. The strong support from the Mexican underground community makes Dromme both a humble and aware musician. Always tapped into current music, hes got lots of funk but stays true to his interest in techno. Sherman’s Dromme Project has been described as wild, exploding, hypnotic and dark, a sure-fire mix to keep the audience engaged and wanting more.