Eraser is the evolution of Oscar Vellesi aka Sr K, born in Argentina (1985) in Buenos Aires.

With this project, Eraser, want to show to the electronic music world his feelings triyng to activate and stimulate the heart.
His influences are based on rock but he most improve different kinds of beats and styles like: Ambient, Dub among others.

Eraser started to play records in 2004 only in vinyl mode, thanks to his musical research he discovered different and interesting records to play in he’s sets : raw, groovy but mistycal, which includes an original and great climax!

Started producing music in 2009 for a new begin for himself and to catch the attention of the people for music he do and not for music he play.
Exclusively use of hardware, recording all sounds alone and with a little crew of musicians from all different kind of styles and sometimes different kind of instruments: analog and organic.

Actually he moved from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata, living in front of the Atlantic Ocean, influencing his soul to make new kind of sounds to discover and show to the world.

At the same time Eraser is involved in his own party called “Contemporary Life”, trying to make the difference in this bad world, using all ecologics elements to concientize people about our planet and our souls.