Since the early afternoons of his childhood, Alberto Monciero got in contact with many different kinds of music: from punk to rock and passing by funk and hip hop. During his teen years, at the sunset of the 90′s, he lived in a Turin inflamed by anarchist insurrections, technocratic invasions and the first creative revivals, the young explored the most dissimilar territories of musical expression.

In the early 2000s he started to attend a vaporous and dense club, “Il Centralino”, which in the first season of the night “The Plug” claims the attentions of the whole Italian territory as a club of electronic avant-garde Music. The techno arrow, shot to his heart, was lethal. For three years his slight and long figure moves on every sort of dancefloor till the turning point: it was the spring of 2005 when he decided to buy his first pair of decks. Clearly his taste was ready, in December of the same year he became a resident of every Turin dancer’s favourite breakfast, the “Doctor Sax”. As every respected night character, the young Alberto wore a mask, Albi Technitude is his battle name, a name that got immediately popular in the scene. His sweaty mornings based in Techno, House and Psychedelic sounds improved his skills and created an unmistakable Technitude brand.

In September 2006 another important city night wanted him as resident, the well known “La Tana!”, at Fluido Club. Alby Technitude was constantly in the line up between the Fluido and the Doctor Sax, in which he would set up the breakfast with Gigio, aka Breezo, hosting in rotation the other DJS of Turin’s electronic universe.

In the spring 2007 there was the birth of a new project with Topper, his friend and already active DJ of the Berlin scene; a new era began, Albi Technitude became Etnitude, Topper&Etnitude are called to play in the far horizons of parties around Turin and in unexplored territories of Sofia at the beginning of summer 2008. In July 2008 Tude packs his records and buys a one-way ticket to the European capital of Berlin.
After a couple of works with Topper the last project is released in February 2011 on SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL.
Today his main focus is on making music and studying audio engineering.