Franco Cazzola

Music’s track has always run parallel to the Franco Cazzola’s existance one. During the 90’s when the young and rogue Tek ran around Turin with his mates, the main passions were two: Metal and Hard Techno music. With his guitar he used to imitate his idols: the Carcass, the Dying Fetus, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden.

At the end of the decade in a Turin troubled by anarchyst revolts, during the weekend nights the suburbs were invaded by nomad ravers’ tribes, that in three days use to mount and dismantle campments were the unique law was the speaker, invadent and straight.
Franco Cazzola’s hearing, already used to noisy styles didn’t intimidate: the sparkle caused the fell in love between the young and techno music. In the eraly 2000s in a historical club in downtown Turin, one of the most active crew of those years, the Acid Drops, move from the industrial burns to clubbing, mixing techno with a sound of clear and intense Electro mark.
During the historical The Plug nights leaded by the leggendary figure of the dj Simone Cordero, Tek use to partecipate actively as a P.R..
The devotion and love for music reached the point where he couldn’t remain there watching or better listening and dancing.

Franco Cazzola started then to approach to music production’s art thanks to the huge Nasty Records studio, an immense space compoused by a recording studio, three project studios, a rehearsal room, set up with his business partner Marcelo Tag.
In 2006 Franco Cazzola made his debute on a console, DoctorSax’s one, a club in which the most favourite breakfast of every city clubber is served; a streetcar in which every hidden desire can be satisfied.
Thanx to Simone Cordero and The Plug’s crew, after years of Black Music, DoctorSax became an electronic music place, laying the bases of what is today one of the most sofisticated afterparty in Italy.

Franco Cazzola’s lucks, often parallel to Marcelo Tag’s one raised in endless back to backs between Tek’s live and his friend’s vynils. In the last years Doctor Sax has seen passing through its aisles the best artists from the prosperous local scene, and big International guests.

Franco Cazzola’s sound didn’t go unheeded and thanks to the contacts made on the Po’s banks, one with the highest Techno concentration in Europe, his live has played in some of the best known seat of european Techno House governament as Nouveau Casino and Batofar in Paris, the Moog in Barcelona, Valencia’s Mogambo, the Arena and the Zementgarten in Berlin.
Besides Tek has played in important italian clubs such as Index in Bergamo and Leoncavallo in Milan.
In the summer of 2009 Marcelo tag and Franco Cazzola give birth to Carnival Records, brand new and ambitious project of electronic avant guarde.

Franco Cazzola signs the Carnival 001, the “In Mexico With You” EP, dreamlike journey with a 4/4 dizzy rhythm; the remixed made by Ahmet Sisman, has been put into “The sound of the tenth season” by Sven Vath, traditional double cd that celebrates the end of Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza’s summer season. Let the Carnival begin…