Born in 1985, fast-forward twenty years to 2006, when Gek performed live at the 4th dell’Homework Festival in Bologna, and we reach the point where Geks career as a musician really begins.

From the start, his earliest collaborations with Bologna label Net, his first EP Aroma in 2008, Gek proved to have a discreet soulfulness in his techno line that was balanced by an experimental edge stemming form his admiration for avant-garde electronica from the UK.

Yet, not Britain but Berlin was where he moved to in 2007. From that moment to this day, Gek describes this city as one of the strongest influences on his artistic development.
There he was reunited with friends Francesco and Andrea and Gek became a key member of the Sleep is Commercial label/family/factory adding creative flavour as a DJ and producer.

Today he plays his Detroit influenced sets in some of the biggest clubs in Germany and Italy.