GgDeX was born in Tuscany in 1983, in the province between Siena and Florence.
He started mixing his own variety of music using LPs in 2001, and soon he was being asked to play at many events througout Italy, along with other world famous DJs.
His DJ sets are fundamentally House Music with influences and rythmic nuances coming from a rainbow of sounds varying from Techno to Deep, in a continous creative effort evolving from innovative and original concepts.
Thanks to his close friendship with Mario Più, and a later meeting and collaboration with NDKj, in 2007 GgDeX, cut his first record, with Fahrenheit Music, c a 12” vinyl containing the track Truffle, which moved up Deck’s Buzz Chart
In the following years, a close collaboration with NDKj established him as an artist with high quality productions, such as Rataplan and Dabai, which received recognition from reknowned artists on the international scene.
From that moment on, he was able to improve his skills and refine his musical taste, elements that are recognizable on his new tracks, distributed by Heatflow, Spinnin and Orion Muzik, which immediately made the Beatport Chart.