At the lazy end of the tempo scale reclines Israel’s Hakimonu on a sunlounger, cocktail in hand.
Those of you with database trigger fingers will point out that none of Hakimonu’s half dozen releases have so far been tagged as “progressive house” on Beatport, but that is more a factor of the shifting bubble of perception than any wish to hide his roots.

The truth is Hakimonu’s music bears more than a kindly resemblance to the deep progressive house scene of yore, where rich textured beats, hypnotic dark house chords, and drifting waves of trance cascaded over dancefloors early on in the evening.
His recent “Irradiate Your Inner Move” on Asymmetric Recordings “Sounds of South Tel Aviv” EP contained subtly evolving rhythms and serene harmonies, that could well be described as trance at a deep house pace.

Similarly in May, “Jag House 1989” on Konsequenz combined warm synth chords with sunset keys, to create a unique progressive house journey that drifted effortlessly across an ocean of sound like a happy yacht, passing the odd techno undercurrent.

Hakimonu’s music ticks all the progressive house boxes – evolving, complex sound, dark and mysterious chords, and a smidgen of hypnotic trance – but it is only because of our times, that he has so far avoided being labeled as such.
2010 will see the launch of his self titled new imprint “HAKIMONU”, where his artist album is expected to be released.