Javier Orduña

Over the last few years Javier Orduña has become one of the most prolific and respected producers of the national panorama, penetrating our borders with his most respected projects,Deeps Edayar and Retronouveau, as well as as a solo artist.
His energy and chameleonic creativity are a faithful reflection of an anxious and electric character which loves electronics with a passion (a passion that began paradoxically after having been the promoter and artifice of the Punk and Hardcore concerts in the Arrebato room for two years in the mid-90s), and which has a lot to do with the first vinyls that arrived in his hands from artists such as: Autechre, Apex Twin, Kraftwerk, Front 242, Joy Divison and Bauhaus.

The next step was evident – growing very quickly as a DJ and becoming a resident at clubs like Apotheke, Jockers, Kitsch and Doom or at the Minimal parties (that marked an era in the Aragonese capital due to its international programme), coming together in him, during these years, the sound that is presented in his performances today.

In the year 2000, he takes one of the most important decisions of his life and decides to begin a new phase in Barcelona – where he resides at present-, where he strengthens the belief that this is the road to evolving and growing as an artist. He is quickly adopted by the Condal City and its emerging scene, beginning his long journey in the Clear parties of the mythical Moog room where he shares deck with the most select of the national techno scene.

It is then when, spontaneously, he connects with Anthony Madejas (DJ Bruce Lee) and they form Rebeltech DJs.

A project of techno and hard techno that has a big knock-on effect with the media, making Javier and his associate in the project present their sets with great energy, sparking a huge growth in the Clear parties.
And establishing themselves weekly in Moog for the following two years, then leads to presenting the project in rooms such as Le Rachdingue, Palm Beach, Peach, La Cova, Cyberian, L’Eix, Spunny, Zoreks, Blau, Be-Cool, La Terrrazza, Macarena, Family (Toledo), Pagoa (Oiartzun), Blau (Girona), Overdose (Zgz), Metro Dance Club (Alicante), Revolution (Gernika), Metrópolis (Cordoba), Reset Club (Zaragoza), Komplot (Donosti) in Spain, and Flex Club (Vienna-Austria) and Luzztro Club (Warsaw) at an international level.
After passing through numerous decks, Javier feels sufficiently prepared and with the necessary motivation to start producing (facet which up to this point had not attracted him) and, of course, puts his hands to work to achieve his next objective – that is none other than to become the talented producer that he is today -. Studios, sacrifice and many hours of study, combined with his DJ facet, do the rest, turning him towards his new projects, of which stand out the founding of PONG MUSIQ RECORDS (www.pong-musiq.com) along with Ivan Vilches making Eps with people like Quantec, Luke Hess, Havantepe, Marko Furstenmberg…and the forming of RETRONOUVEAU with Hector Herrera.
Now is working in his new Label Rubrik Records ( HYPERLINK “http://www.rubrikrecords.com” www.rubrikrecords.com) and his last label with his partner Alecs Marta Cuatro Records ( HYPERLINK “http://www.cuatrorecords.com” www.cuatrorecords.com) 
In addition to his most famous project to date (Retronouveau), he has begun other projects in duo, like DEEPS EDAYAR (with Sistema of Traum and Bedrock) and DISCOGRAM (with Zen Club resident Ricard).
Definitely a Techno artist in pure form, who brings together a distinctive creativity and crushing vitality, Javier, bit by bit, is making his way to the international scene with quality work influenced by the most varied currents of contemporary electronic music.