Jeff Eveline

Jeff Eveline connected with music in his early teens, when he got into heavy metal, spellbound by the genre’s explosive energy and by the inspiring performances of its most influential frontmen. He immediately knew that music was everything he wanted to do in his life. Soon he started singing in several local heavy/thrash metal bands, but he was always fired due to his radical differences with the other musicians: Jeff’s ideas regarding both musical style and on stage behavior were very often considered inappropriate, exaggerated, if not outright ridiculous and not serious. Feeling like a stranger, but never losing faith in his musicianship principles, he decided to prove himself in a career in which he didn’t have to rely on others for success, and turned to the glamorous world of dance clubs and DJ music.
At just 23 years of age, Jeff has made use of collaborations with famous techno-house producers like Namito, Pastaboys, Gianni Vitiello, Pizeta, and releases on Mazoom Lab [Rundfunk – TDT Texas Drug Test], Music Over Life (Miami – USA) [Turbo carrots – Acid Slut Honey], Dirty Stuff rec (Polonia) [In all my glory – Shout of infamous – Mala noche] with the pseudonym of Elektro Boy.
Highlighted by his no ending dj-sets and crowded live performances, especially in the area of his hometown Venice, he has always shown a strong character and a glamorous look cultivated ever since embarking on his music journey. From Miami to Ibiza via London, Berlin, Paris and Ljubljana his vibe killed many dancefloors and also draw on himself the attention of one of the most important italian pop producers: Rossano “Roxy” Palù (better known to be the founder of DB Boulevard).
Thanks to this friendship Jeff bumped his buzz up and built his own noise: Evelineʼs stuff sounds like “dirty gummy house” worked with rolling bassline, squelchy groove and fresh tribal percussions that point out a very original mix of Dubfire and Loco Diceʼs style. The first remix resulted from the partnership called “Shiver” (released on Autan rec) which is currently being played by Nic Fanciulli, Layo and Bushwacka, John Digweed, Nick Warren and feedbacked by DJ-Mag, Trackitdown (London) and Web Records (Schönaich – Germany) .
Though he earned an ever growing reputation among fans and peers alike playing as a DJ, Jeff remains an unyielding metalhead to this day. In fact, in all these years he embarked in a relentless quest to find the “right” band mates, the ones who could help him turn into reality the metal project he envisioned such a long time ago. His hard work paid off, and having recently founded “EVELINE SHOT”, with the band’s first recording almost on the launch pad, Jeff is more eager than ever to rock out stages and audiences around the world.