Khristian K

Born in 1980 at Hungary and his career started in 2000.
The first attempt at mixing happened when he was 15. He had to realize that this artisanship was a far more
complex, whole way of transmitting information allowing a much greater freedom than simply drawing a picture.
Mixing was something different: he got to know a completely new way of improvisation only based on the moment,
concentrating on the present, its future only predictable until the next disc.
In a physical sense it is intangible and unreachable but it is still a much more human and self-expressive way of
presentation, which does not only fill you with energy but it also makes you move and guides you, even entertains
you. He found himself a relatively broad spectre of opportunities in the new techno / house music – that means
he got „infested”.
His recognizable sound as solo genres pretty hard to describe. Those massive repetitive deep rhythms with ethereal
fields and pads.. But it’s somekind of dub tech house represented on a minimal base.
Got pressed on vinyls at: Catch, Moira Audio, Hypnotic LTD, Minim.All, Moira Tools.
And already released on: Lucidflow, Catch, Moira Audio, Minim.All, What Now Becomes, Naked Lunch, Conceptual,
Packed, Deepindub, Kaputt, Quanticman, Mussen Project, Miniatura, Tip Tap, Schall, and more.