My name is Petre Vali,known as L.I.Z.Z or Petru,born in Bucharest,Romania,grown in Buzau,Romania.
Now,I’m 22 years old,living in Iasi,Romania,where I am finishing Art Colegge,Sculpture specialization,this year.
When it comes to music,I can say about me that I started beeing interested when I was around 15 years old,but I started mixing when I was 16,and done my track 3 years ago.
Now,I have 2 digital releases,one at Leone Music,2 years ago(2012),and the second one at QuanticMan Records(2013).At QuanticMan Records,I also have one release on vinyl,It’s a Various Artits.
I have mixed at various small events in Iasi,and around Iasi,since I started college,3 years ago.
This is me in a few words.