LowKilla Aka Gianluca Vitanza Ercole was born in Iglesias (Cagliari) in 1979.
Already active in the Italian hip hop scene since the mid 90’s, he discovered his vocation for electronic music in the London art collective Hekate.
His propensity for experimentation makes his production and liveset a constant surprise, a mix of different kinds of music bring the dance floor to a gradual development,transporting the listener into intense journey full of dark atmospheres and powerful groove,investing it like a runaway train
Lowkilla Over the years performed many events with different musician and labels of the worldwide electronic scene like Carl Graig,Leeroy Thornill,The Mouver,Atari Teenage Riot, Tresor,Rephlex and appears in many important international Club and festival such as: Sun explotion festival ,Electrode festival ,Snowelectrofest festival,Syntetic circus festival ,Alpheus Club,Brancaleone Club,About Blank Club, Cassero Club and many more.