Luca Torre

From Italy, Born in Swtzerland and based in Berlin. Luca do the first step in the electronic music for wich he discovered a true passion, producing and djing trip hop and drum n bass with the name dj Assuti.
In 2005 he begin a new project Minimal techno „Luca Torre“. Owner from the labels Clock’art and Cloc records. His career is currently being boost by his passion, talent and famous techno artists name´s recognition who took part in his projects.
Luca is a pure eclectic and avant-garde dj. He is real fanatic sound designer, as much as an architecht of new sound constructions.
He deliver for this dreamcast a looking back to the music that bring himself to tripy traveling. Comming back to the music that he did in the begining, so let‘s go back to the source.