Manu L

started dj’ing in Ibiza on 1998 after being influenced by the house music scene .
He then went on to become the resident dj and owner of Noctambula bar in Ibiza, which since 1999 has been considered one of the coolest bars there.

In 2003 he created the MinimalHospital, a very successful brand which is still working and throwing parties in LONDON and somewhere in Europe.

As well as being M+H resident, in 2004 Manu-l started his residency for Monza in Ibiza troughtout all these years he s been playing with the best djs in the world such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Locodice, Tania Vulkano,and all the rest of the djs of the moment.

In Ibiza has been resident dj in for the infamous Space club & Privilege and guest in all the other clubs playing in Many OPenings / Closing parties for Circoloco DC10, Carl cox Night , ZOO project , Underground ,

He also had success with his production out on OFF recordings, Monique Music, Monza Ibiza Records, NaturalRhythm, Sleep Is commercial, Piekup rec, High Definition Records ecc ecc

He s not a stranger also outside the island and he has played in the best venues in Europe : Italy, Spain, Germany , France , Holland , UK , in prestigious clubs such as Watergate in Berlin, in the best clubs in London and also in Asia e south america and USA…