Matt John

What’s coming after Monday? Fun on Tuesday…

Holographic- that’s how Matt John – Berlin based DJ and producer – describes his sound.

Matt John was born in Nordhausen, Germany, near Erfurt. As a teenager he was nuts about electronics and astronomy. Later he drew parallels between that and music, a world he was able to construct himself. He gained early experiences as a DJ at parties and in clubs and opened a record store with his friend Marcel Knopf in his hometown. He started playing at the back of the legendary East German club Alte Weberei and soon became a resident. With his record store colleague, he also started to organize his own parties Minimal Cafe, where people danced and chilled to house music. Soon he moved to techno mecca Berlin and became fascinated with artists like Ricardo Villalobos, the label Perlon and club Ostgut/ Panoramabar. Euphoric Matt soon caught the attention of the big players in the scene.

In 2000 Matt produced his first remix for Dapayk’s So high the Moon, followed by more. In 2004 he produced the song Ketamina for Jay Haze’s Netlabel Textone.
At the same time the DJ founded a live performance project called Petty Confetti, where he let human marionettes dance in crazy outfits while playing music.

As King of the Afterhours he becomes resident DJ of the legendary Bar 25 with his extraordinary sound and his long lasting sets. One of the highlight has to be his 30-hour set on his 30th birthday at Bar 25. In 2006 Matt participated in the foundation of the label Bar 25 with his release Was kommt nach Montag (translation: What’s coming after Monday) followed soon after with the dancefloor killer Olga Dancekowski. With Rising Scope released on Perlon’s Joke Family Park One, Matt went global. In 2005 he became part of the Circo Loco DJ Pools and toured the US, Canada and Europ, playing in clubs such as Circoloco, Fabric, Berghain/Panoramabar and many more. Rumors have it that Richie Hawtin proclaimed Matt John most promising producer of 2006. Ricardo Villalobos classed him as the “Don of sensual techno” in his gathering club and gave him the opportunity to setup his studio in the same building as his.

Holographic- that’s how Matt John explains it: “Music for me is spatial and temporal like a hologram. When I produce, I take pieces of different times. These different times are in the space, and are coming together on one level in the song. A holographic universe that you can capture in one moment. For example you can find fragments of over 20 tracks in my song Jokebox (Perlon). Holographic came to my mind when people asked me how I would describe my sound. I couldn’t say it’s minimal, techno or house. For me it’s holographic music. My music.”

He finds his musical-holographic playground in his own 2008-founded label Holographic Island (Releases: Teleparty, Hypecube 10a and Baby Face One). It is to be expected to hear a lot more from the exceptional label.

Lately he successfully released Tapedeckers on Perlon Superlongevity Five Compilation and his Double Maxi EP The Bridge (Bar25 Label).

As DJ or Live act he is incomparable. This friendly Berliner has unlimited energy. You can hear the hypnotic in every one of his tracks – it’s like a journey on a train that never stops and transports us in a world of fantasy. Like an endless story that keeps getting told and doesn’t prevent us from listening.

“This is the end, and the end never ends…”