Matteo Spedicati

Music that moves both your feet and your feelings has been a long-standing preoccupation of dj and producer Matteo Spedicati. His first influence was his dad, who played his eager young son records from his vast collection. Listening, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and Matteo soon realised that this crazy strong response could only be delivered by music.

Like many teenagers. Matteo, on guitar, formed a garage band with his friends in Calgari. Unlike his peers, Matteo began to compose his own songs, score the other instruments, and experiment with musical software, adding electronic sounds and effects when he produced the bands demos.

Around the age of 21, he first started going out on the Italian clubscene and immersing himself in the minimal sound flourishing during that time. Matteo desperately wanted to dj. He didn’t have the money to buy turntables but he did have a PC, so when his friend, life-long collaborator, Renato Figoli, turned up one day with a cracked copy of Cubase 5 they set about recreating the sounds they were hearing on labels like Kompakt and Perlon. In 2006 Matteo released his first EP on imprint Gumption Records. That was just the start. Since then a series of exceptional releases, featuring his distinctive and infectious blend of techno and house, has earned critical acclaim and the support of an international line-up of fellow djs and producers. (Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Karotte to name a few.) He has worked with Joseph Capriati on CMYK e Alchemy, with Alessio Mereu on Toy for Boys, with Mr. Bizz on Tuning Spork and Resopal, with Mendo on Great Stuff.

In 2008 he embarked on an new project with Andrea Ferlin as Clarissa Haze Duo. This partnership, which they have now brought to SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL, saw them fusing their techniques together, adding a psychedilic and organic texture, to create an album and an live act that gained high profile support from the electronic music world. Following this Mateo also set up his own imprint, Carillion with friend with Guiseppe Cennamo in 2010.

And of course, Matteo now has those turntables and his skills as a dj are just as assured as his productions. He is an increasingly influencial player back home as well as being invited to play across Europe, known for his discerning taste, his flawless technique, and the tangibiltiy of his dancefloor- making the crowds hairs stand on end- always aiming for that strong emotional connection he felt listening to his dads records all those years before.