Nicola Martorano

Nicola Martorano (class ’82) takes his first steps in music from his earliest years driven by classical music passion and influenced by family interests in singing art. Very soon his musical tastes tend to emerge coming to 90’s house music and appreciating deep and soulfull sounds.
During the last ten years he has been deejing, producing, mixing and mastering music while showing patience, passion, creativity and technical skills. As from 2007, laptop and midi controller lead him in editing’s world together with a great love for music and piano. 
His vision of club music is based on the groove born with the funk of the seventies, so everything rolls with deep kicks, rumbling sub frequencies basslines, sharp beats and groovy percussions, a creative and fresh use of the effects and the musical elements generated by synths or simply stolen from old dirty sixties and seventies records.
Simple intuition supported by a continuous flow of ideas and loop that overlap leaving a small opening to acid and ambient for a virgin and cultured sound.
In 2009 had his first release on the pumpin’ house Label Suara, Mami Loca, a perfect mix between groovy techouse and powerful techno sound. The record appeared on the Pacha Summer compilation and it was on the chart’s of the some of the biggest named of house scene. After two years releasing on different labels (Hotfingers ,Seta Label, Abstract Theory…), at the moment he’s working on new style inspired on a smooth and stylish deep house, improved of a lo-fi and underground sound, fat bass lines and energetic grooves.