Oscar Rocha

Oscar Rocha is a prime example of an artist working within the shifting spaces, faces and cultures of the underground electronic music scene. Rocha’s eclectic mix of high-energy yet beautiful melodies create funky, dance-inspiring environments to move anybody.
From a young age, Rocha immersed himself in music; he gained experience playing in Indie and Punk Rock bands and it was during this time that he further developed his interest and exploration into the realms of composition and experimental instrumentation. Rocha’s curiosity with new sounds and possibilities allowed him to explore the diverse avenues of electronic music and he hasn’t looked back since.
Rocha is not one to be categorized, although mainly influenced by house, experimental music and techno, his sets go a lot of different places. Without abandoning his roots, his productions are reflections of what happens on the dance floor; the subtle moments of the the calm before the storm or the intense climax of a beat dropping only to dive into more melodic, drone status. His constantly evolving sounds are a stunning result of his keen interest in music, new and old, as well as the growing collaborations he continues to foster. To experience a night of Oscar Rocha on the decks is like having an intimate one-on-one conversation with the artist and his knowledge about up and coming music. He pays particular attention to the quality of sound, but even more than that, the experience. Oscar Rocha’s sets are not about ego or genre style, but about having an all-around good time.