Franco Belavita aka Pachyderme was born in the city of Cordoba in 1990. He’s a lover of the arts in general. Began his musical career at ageof 14 playing bass in diferent jam sessions , strongly influenced by genres like free jazz , funk and soul. In 2006 began with his life friends (Ehn, Nicht, IYwi, and Marbux) to devote his time to creative experimentation of electronic music Forming the group called D√©collagethat today is working on new releases and creating a net-label withan emphasis on minimalistart and underground experimental electronic music. At c√≥rdoba , he had the opportunity to meet the group Easy Changes and after that meeting began producing electronic music (minimal exprimental, idm ). His tracks are deep, delicate, hypnotic, long, as stories full of colors and surprises. with great subtlety and elegance. Sounds heavy round, atmospheres and notes being accompanied by rhythmic ritual. His productions, as well as their way of seeing art,have a minimalist approach, considering a search in which they play sound, textures and climates. His sound work is enriched by his recent experimentation with the visual arts (photography, video art).