Pandilla Ltd

“History says our place in history is not relevant to society
They sit on this planet feasting, never planting,
Destroying with nothing left to create
A species of creatures with subsections devouring all in it’s wake,
A virus with no cure, but that’s where we come in
The Revolutionaries, the thinkers, the hopeful workers for change
The vast dreamers, the system norm fighters, the conformity defeaters
We resist the ills of assimilation driven to make a way out of the given path
Of make shift hallways of life, busting walls in uncovering doorways
Building a road to greatness lead by the promise of Freedom
Embracing the memories of those lost along the way
To become ever more motivated to find the keys to the gate of Liberation
Seeking it through love, honor and undying respect
To the original fighters that have died in the name of the futures Salvation
We stride in their foot steps heralding their legacy”


With Love, Pandilla