Born in ’86 in Turin, Jacopo Villata first approached the club scene in his teenage. Fascinated by this picturesque and ¬†underground society,It didn’t take him long to realize that he would have not founded anything like that somewhere else.
He started producing music and djing came shortly after, and at the beginning of his 20’s was already playing monthly in the infamous Club Doctor Sax and in various parties around the city with the Turin posse.
Some time later he eventually moved to Berlin, reaching his long time friend Topper.
Jacopo played around Berlin solo and with Topper, at venues like Club deer Visionäre for the Noisy Glance party and the Michelberger Hotel Secret Festival.
He’s currently running a house/disco party series called Redneck.Disco.Galore together with Topper and getting busy in the studio…