Ross Walker (R.A.W.) has had a passion for cutting edge electronic music since an early age. Being a regular member of the underground club scene it was only a matter of time before he began DJing and playing the music he loved. His time as a bedroom DJ was rewarded in 2004 when he won a local DJ competition and began regularly performing throughout North West of England. This included venues such as Sankeys (Manchester), The Custard Factory (Birmingham), MyHouse (Leeds) and The Music Box (Manchester).

During this early period he met the talented producer Matthew Sargeant (Alive/Broken). They soon realised they shared the same musical vision and began producing together under ‘Alive & R.A.W.’ and ‘Broken & R.A.W.’. During this time R.A.W. learnt a great deal and was able to express his music, drawing upon the technical talents of his studio partner.

Their first project created the tracks ‘QA7’ and ‘QA8’ in 2008. They were soon signed to Monu-mental Digital and supported by Luke Dzierzek, Mistress Da Funk, Marco V and Eddie Halliwell, which he featured on his BBC Radio1 show. These early tracks demonstrated their experimental sound and fusion of styles, reinforcing the success of the partnership.

They continued to develop their sound and later that year produced the dark percussive ‘Overture’ for No Dough’s Movements EP. This track demonstrates their progression and love for percussive techno. Later collaborations included the remix of ‘Kris James – Falling Back Into The Dark’ for Mad Hatter Recordings.

In 2009 R.A.W. began crafting his own solo material, building upon his experience. This gave life to the tribal ‘Masaai’ and lead driven ‘Stack The Deck’, which were released on Documenti Sonori Records. These tracks cemented R.A.W.’s percussive forward thinking sound and solo career.

Blending techno and house R.A.W. created the vocal ‘Feel my love’, for sleep is commercial’s ‘Morning Tools’ series. Drawing upon the tribal sounds of ‘Masaai’ R.A.W. produced the techy percussive ‘Atamga’. This was released on sleep is commercial’s ‘Extended Family Vol.2 EP’, with support from Luciano, Danny Tenaglia, Richie Hawtin and Dubfire.

R.A.W. continues to develop as a producer, individually and alongside Broken. His influences remain with house and techno, but also touch upon disco, soul and deeper vibes. 2011 is set to be an exciting year musically, with many projects in the pipeline…..