Rebekah Aff

Rebekah Aff was first the energy of the parties she was attending, she purchased her own set of turntables and began Djing regularly at Galapagos in Brooklyn and Canal 59, in the Chinatown area of Manhattan. Through these residencies Rebekah was able to meet and play alongside Magda, Dinky, Troy Pierce, and other influential DJs residing in New York at that time.
Rebekah eventually relocated to Berlin in search of affordable rent, fewer restrictions, and a larger music community. Soon after her arrival she began playing regularly at the city’s infamous Beatstreet parties while at the same time securing a summer residency at the notorious and revered Club der Visionaere. Over time CDV has proven to be Rebekah’s most inspirational practice ground due to regularly playing multi-hour sets for an intimate sea of hungry listeners. She currently maintains a bi-weekly party of her own at the canal side club known as “Night Owl.”
Berlin also afforded Aff the opportunity to meet and work with world-renowned DJ Richie Hawtin as a record-encoder and eventually at the offices of his Minus Multimedia Imprint. Through their friendship, Rebekah began performing regularly at Minus parties across Europe. She has played in a multitude of locations across the continent including but not limited to, Brixton Academy, London, The Paradiso in Amsterdam, Berlin’s Watergate, Fabric, London, and Barcelona during the Sonar festival.
Over the last years Rebekah has become known for her position as a Minus warm-up DJ, but it is her continued experience from Club der Visionaere that can be heard most in her record selection. Her style spans gracefully between the outliers of dub to the warmest deep house and techno.
Rebekah is currently working on her own production.