Alessandro Pilotto (born in cittadella, on 1 february 1990) known in the music scene as Alex Loretto, alias that he has given up, is a young promising musician of the techno music scene. His passion for music has always been a family tradition cultivated by the father and his great-grandfather.
At the beginning of 2011 was born “Reebytth”, very ambitious project of the artist but not yet disclosed.
The aim of Reebytth is to advance the previous musical style done by Alex Loretto giving life to a unique project where music becomes mirror of cultures coming from all over the world.
Fully inspirated by Richie Hawtin’s style, Alex completes his live performance within fast and fun groove, able to dance even non-fans of the genre.
Reebytth’ s style is characterized by an exclusive and personal mix of oriental and african sounds with the techno music, creating acoustic atmospheres that wrap and achieve. The musical tissue created by alex is enriched by the use of percussions, african choirs with an exciting bassline. The creativity of the artist today is in continuous growth and evolution.
Following different courses promoted by Ableton Italy Alex establish his new project in Ableton live with the major influence given by RICHIE HAWTIN and M-NUS.