Seidensticker & Salour

Seidensticker & Salour (Jakob Seidensticker & Bardia Salour) is a name that’s becoming really familiar to us. While Bardia is a local Hamburg DJ and music connoisseur with great influence on the whole hamburg scene for years now, Jakob Seidensticker is an essential part on the internationally respected Wareika trio, releasing on labels we love and as known like Perlon, Circus Company, Bar25, Eskimo etc.
After DJ’ing in various clubs and locations , they have finally found their base at the ‘fulminant’ EGO club in Hamburg where they share their tracks with other DJ’s and the ass shaking crowd in general. One thing is for sure, Seidensticker & Salour’s track selection and their dub influenced sound have been known to satisfy all hedonistic impulses one may have.
The duo have recently started a party called ‘Dance For Fans’ with high-class bookings in Hamburg. The concept is for a range of local events to spread innovation into the local club environment.
After their releases on Einmaleins Musik & FormResonance the two tracker ‘Katzenjammer’ was the next step – an URSL Release combinung a taste of deep appealing and „sexy“ grooving.
It’s a matter of gentleman to gentleman – from music lovers to lovers.

Seidensticker & Salour „Weird Bazar“ (Einmaleins Musik) – 2010 Seidensticker & Salour „Sue is blue E.P.“ (FormResonance) – 2011 Danilo Schneider „Short image in my brain“ incl. Seidensticker & Salour Rmx (Enough!) – 2011 Seidensticker & Salour „Katzenjammer E.P.“ (URSL) – 2011