A musician most of her life Stefny’s true love has always been music as well as California’s sunshine and beaches where she grew up. Her first influences were her mother who brought home a freestyle record, Debbie Deb’s “when I hear music” while her brother introduced her to acid house and techno in the late 80′s. This early cocktail of contrasting styles would be leaving an important imprint in both her tastes for music but also in her way of approaching production, later on.
Her DJ career began in 1996 while living in Denver. For her first events she played in peoples houses then raves and clubs. As she quickly got attention for her mixing skills where she would play a wide range of music styles flowing fluidly together, she then was invited by Red Bull to play their events when they first hit the U.S. market in the late 90′s. She also did a weekly at Herb’s Hideout for a year.
Ready for other challenges, Stefny moved to New York (2002) where she got involved in various projects. A residency at Direct Drive, became part of a female collective “Sister” and helped start another all female DJ collective ( Waxx Dolls ) as well as helping on a radio show (Jeannie Hopper’s “Liquid Sound Lounge” – WBAI). She also threw various events in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami’s WMC. On a different artistic level she helped start, along with her brother (founder), the Bicycle Film Festival. From this, she tagged with Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, one of her most memorable and magic moments as a DJ.
Production wise, she got things moving as well when she released her first remix (2005) on SF label , Hector Works with other remixes that followed. Then later her first EP, “Radiolaria” on New York based label Addon (2007). The release was critically acclaimed and supported by multiple DJs. The following year she released another EP on Montreal based label, Archipel (2008) and then Berlin’s Contexterrior (2009). Siteholder (2011). Her debut album was released summer this year (2012). One her tracks “When The Rain Fell” was licensed on Joris Voorn’s mix CD for “Cocoon Heroes”
Whenever she makes music, she always find a way to put her personality into sounds. Her numerous influences and loves through the years, would start from early 90′s Jungle and house but then evolved to Detroit and then minimal. Twisting all this together, she extracts lovely music of her own which is perfumed by quirky melodies, intricate sounds and charming storytelling that leaves the listener dumbfounded. Her true unique approach makes her sound different from any tags medias can attach to her style.
Through the last years, Stefny played a number of events ranging from Bunker (NY), Resolute (NY & Detroit), Picnik Electronik, Igloofest as well as many other clubs and events in North America. On the international level, she toured in Japan, Germany and played United Kingdom’s famous Fabric.
From this, in 2010 she was busy with the increasing requests. Stefny dealt out with a number of remixes for labels such as Soma, Adjunct, SiteHolder, Klecktik, Smut but her most cherished work was for an Italian label, Opilec Music. They offered Stefny the chance to do a rework Of “The Units”. A special triple pack CD compilation “Connections.” A project of over 40 artists, some being Losoul, I-Robots, Q-Burns who reworked, remixed and re-edited original songs from San Francisco’s legendary synth punk band from the late 70′s and 80′s, the first of there genre in the U.S.
In July 2012, Stefny played her debut live set at NYC’s Resolute party with Sammy Dee and people were taken back, way back.