Sven Laux

Sven Laux is part of a modest group of producers who have been faithfully progressing the evolution of micro composition. Born in Neubrandenburg, Germany, Laux started writing electronic music in 1998 after discovering a talent for meticulously sampling and looping audio.

Now residing in Berlin, Sven Laux has done anything but conform. His unique take on music making has him sharing the company of artisans like Pheek, Ezekiel Honig and Marc Neyen. Laux has become notorious for his clicks and pops, manipulating foundsounds and employing field recordings for layered ambiance. In a discography that stretches as far back as 2006, there remains a prevalent underlying passion for the obscure.

His signature sound has earned a wealth of international support on innovative imprints like Microcosm, 31337, spontanMusik, Multi Vitamins, Archipel, Dewtone Recordings and Unfoundsound.