Taigherwuds was born in Voghera in Lombardia. He always loved all kinds of music since childood. He studied keyboards for a few years.
He began recording songs on the radio passing, years later, to buy his first professional dj mixer.
There goes all days learning the art of djing.
In the meantime, begins to make the DJ in many parties and clubs.
During the 2000 he started working in a local radio station with a program that gets a lot of success.
Meanwhile begins to compose his first songs with keyboards, samplers and computer.
There are dance songs, a genre very popular in those years.
First few years knows Federico Rimonti, the owner of Live Music Studio in Alessandria.
Federico inserted him fully into the world of dance music.
Later Taigherwuds proposes his compositions to the studio that are appreciated and publishied in Japan.
But he produce also techno, tech-house, house and minimal music. Immediately loves this genres and experiments new sounds.
He’s constantly looking for new rhythms, new sound and new melodies.
Taigherwuds breathes, drinks, eats and live music. Daily.