The D.L.O.

The D.L.O. is the well seasoned blues guitar player,movie score producer and ultimately electronic musician/LiveDJ “Mango” (Gianluca Paiella).
Lucky enough to play some great line-ups from the very beginning of the project (2004), Mango has shared the booth with some of the greatest DJs around, from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos all the way to The Chemical Brothers and pretty much everyone else in between.
Born under the wing of Goa club / AnarchyInTheClub (Rome) The D.L.O. has released on labels like MiniSketch, MultiVitamins , Sleep Is Commercial , 303lovers , Swan…. and more.
The sound of the Vancouver (CA) based Roman musician is an array of techno-house beats, twisted baselines, analogue synths, nonsense deep textures, mangled melodies , bizarre vocals and “sloppy” house nuances along with organic sounds and acoustic instruments improv.
The set is Live with drum machines and analogue synthesizers.