Triptease & Hugo

Triptease is a cutting-edge experiment performed by Topper, Jacopo Villata, Francesco Boni Castagnetti and Hugo. Many musicians and composers, to name a few Claudio Puntin, Cesar Merveille, Ion Ludwig, Daniele Papini, Yonatan Levi and Greg Paulus, joined their improv project through the years and contributed to it experimenting live.

The band organised several live jams (under the collective name Mescaleros), all based on the idea to combine international producers of electronic music and minimal techno into an improv-techno-all-star band. Their live has been performed in iconic venues such as (Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse in Berlin, Fuse Club Brussels, Studio 338 and Red Gallery in London etc etc.) and delivered hours of powerful beats and sparkling musical ideas.

Triptease live is an idea as simple as it is ingenious, born in one of those inspired morning hours, opening up new ways of looking at the world. There are many talented electronic musicians out there happy to collaborate and improvise and Mescaleros live is a flexible and open platform that places the individual artist’s identity behind communication, collectivity, skills and shared expertise.

Their live performance stands for the best traditions of techno itself. The creative process of techno music has always been tied to the idea of artistic innovation within open social situations. But the original spirit has over the time been lost. From this perspective, Triptease live crosses over between music and technology, with its power to form networks and scenes is a catalyst for creation and transformation in the form of live and studio performances.