Raised in a musically entrenched family, VENDi ( Ludovic Vendi ) is a musician at heart but also nerd at studio work. He has been cultivating his passion since he was born through piano and guitar , playing in a band during his teenager , he started composing electronic music in 2005. Living In Berlin since 2008 , VENDi has played Live or Dj in clubs from Europe to South America passing by Nitsa Barcelona, The End London, Rex Club in Paris, Wilde Renate or Watergate in Berlin , D-Edge in Sao Paulo , Barhein of Buenos Aires to name a few…
His tracks have been charted by artists like Josh Wink, Sven Väth , Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos , Richie Hawtin , Jamie Jones and many others , he has been remixed by artists like Paul Ritch, Pablo Bolivar, Henry Saiz , Derek Plaslaiko and Rob Acid .
His last actuality was been selected by Dj SCUBA on the legendary DJ KICKS compilation on K7 records