Vexus T

Born in 90’s, vexuS T at the age of 13 became interested in electronic music and in everything connected to it. At 16’s he decided to take his first steps as a dj, acquiring his first turntables and mixer, meanwhile, to increase his own culture and influence for the passion that was born in his early life was consolidated.
He travelled for visiting the major European Electronics music centers, in 2009 he started to produce, reaching the chance to play on the most important italian station radio “M2O” after his first release on “Metempsychosis music”.
After about one year, between the 2010 and 2011, he marked four tracks for the most important ancient and respected American label” King Street Sound”, from then on, the rewards were not lacking with tracks on labels such as “ Titbit music” and ” Sleep is commercial”, to name a few.
Other important projects are work in progress, but you will know more just following him.