Xv vol.6

Release Date: February 28, 2022

Format: Streaming + Download

Artists: Various Artists


1India 13:32
by Hubble
2Kiwi 13:05
by Topper
3Falling 08:00
by Dr.Nojoke
4Smoking All The Day 06:54
by Sunny Charles
5Take Effect 08:25
by Dio Dao
6Selene 06:50
by Gek
7When You Sleep I’m Dancing 08:27
by Yaroslav Lenzyak
8Face 08:12
by Clarissa Hazel Duo
9Swinging Dancer 07:40
by Agazzi Daniele Papini
10Go Back (The D.L.O. Remix) 08:18
by The D.L.O. Sunny Charles
Mastered by Alessio Mereu
Artwork: vanvia.net